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Center for Ubiquitous Connectivity (CUbiC) is a research center led by Columbia University and 14 other academic institutions.

The center is co-sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the commercial semiconductor industry, and the defense industrial base. 

Our Goal

Address connectivity challenges by delivering seamless Edge-to-Cloud connectivity with transformational reductions in the global system energy consumption. 

The center brings together an outstanding team of faculty with expertise in both wireless and photonics, spanning systems, architectures, circuits, and devices, organized along three compelling and complementary themes.  

Over the next five years, CUbiC will strive to flatten the computation-communication gap, delivering seamless Edge-to-Cloud connectivity with transformation reductions in the global system energy consumption.

Our Research

CUBIC’s research strategy will be executed via three closely coordinated technical themes, each structured to facilitate application-driven cross-layer co-design from devices-to-systems:

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Theme 1

Connectivity Networks and Systems drives the cross-cutting system level connectivity, security, and applications challenges to enable pervasive, flexible optical connectivity in the Cloud, and robust and dynamic Edge wireless networks.

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Theme 2

Wireline and Lightwave Interconnects enables pervasive system-wide photonics-based high-bandwidth density connectivity with extreme energy efficiency.

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Theme 3

Wireless Circuits and Technology realizes low latency, reliable wireless connectivity with massive capacity, guaranteed security, and low cost of access.

Broadening Participation Pledge

We're committed to broadening participation in semiconductor research and recognize the importance of fostering workforce diversity to drive excellence.

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Latest News

Professor Alex Meng, CUbiC's Technical Director, has been selected as one of ten finalists for the Presidential Awards for Outstanding Teaching.

CUbiC PI Yasaman Ghasempour was awarded the AFOSR YIP award. 

CUbiC's PI Michal Lipson was featured on Research.com's 2023 ranking of the Top 1000 Female Scientists in the world.